HCA Healthcare nurses are empowered and supported in growing their careers through learning and leadership development opportunities. Whether you are a new nurse looking to jumpstart your career or an experienced nurse exploring growth opportunities, you’ll be supported every step of the way through HCA’s education and professional development programs.

Enterprise-wide HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency helps new nurses gain hands-on experience

Our enterprise-wide HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency is designed to hone the clinical skills and professional development of new nurses through a structured 12-month training program. StaRN, a 12-13 week onboarding program, provides nurses with the clinical skills needed to perform at their best through classroom education, hands-on simulation training and preceptorship. Nurses who complete the StaRN program continue to the professional development portion of the HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency where they further refine their skills through mentorship opportunities and monthly seminars.

Excellence in med-surg and critical care programs enable nurses to enhance their skills in specialized areas

Med-surg nurses are the largest group of nurses at HCA Healthcare, and we recognize the unique educational and professional development needs of these special nurses. Through our enterprise-wide med-surg program, they have access to the tools needed to enhance their skills in this specialized area. Eligible nurses are encouraged and supported in gaining a variety of national certifications throughout their career at HCA Healthcare.

We also are expanding our commitment to empowering nurses to enhance their skills in a specialized area through our critical care program. Similar to our med-surg program, it fosters nursing excellence, patient advocacy and a healthy work environment in adult critical care departments.

Charge Nurse Leadership Certificate supports leadership opportunities

The Charge Nurse Leadership Certificate supports nurses’ leadership development through a training curriculum that teaches the skills, language and experience needed to be a successful charge nurse.

Director Development Program empowers aspiring nurse leaders

Our Director Development Program is a seven- to 10-month program designed to prepare high-potential nurses in emergency and surgical services to assume director positions. Nurses participating in this program attend quarterly alumni events to support ongoing development.

Executive Development Program prepares nursing leaders for CNO roles

HCA’s 12-month Executive Development Program is committed to expanding the pipeline of successful nursing leaders by providing candidates with the education and training needed to successfully transition into the CNO role. The program combines executive exposure, best-in-class curriculum, in-role development and peer networking to fully prepare nurse leaders to be successful CNOs.

CNO Onboarding Workshop sets incoming CNOs up for success

Chief nursing officers are an integral part of HCA Healthcare facilities’ leadership teams, and we want them to have the knowledge and resources needed to effectively lead our nurses. Leaders who complete our CNO Onboarding Workshop gain a deep understanding of what it means to be a nursing leader at HCA Healthcare.