Using HCA Credentialing Online

The HCA Credentialing Online (HCO) web portal is a web-based tool that enables providers a forum for electronic submission of Provider request for Consideration (RFC's) and Re-Credentialing Request for Consideration(R-RFC's) forms and supporting documents involved in the credentialing process. The tool will take the manual application and data entry processes and move them into an easy to use electronic process. Additionally, providers may assign a delegate in the tool to assist in the data entry process.

HCA Credentialing Online is a secure application requiring a password. If you do not have a password, can't remember your password, or your password has expired contact the Medical Staff Office at the facility. All information input is secure and only available to internal HCA employees that support the credentialing process.

Accessing the tool is simple. First, make sure you have created a password by following the link sent to your email address. Users can click on "Launch HCO" to the right to launch the application. Input your name and password and click the Login button.

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To view any of the online training tools below, click the hyperlink to the file and follow the prompts.

In this 30 minute interactive online training, you will understand more about your role in the Credentialing Process. Learn the functions of HCO and the Credentialing Portal, and identify how to access and complete a Request For Consideration or Reappointment Request For Consideration.

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