Using HCA Credentialing Online

The HCA Credentialing Online (HCO) web portal is a web-based tool that enables practitioners a forum for electronic submission of practitioner Requests for Consideration (RFC’s) and Re-Credentialing Requests for Consideration (R-RFC’s) forms and supporting documents involved in the credentialing process. The tool will take the manual application and data entry processes and move them into an easy–to–use electronic process. Additionally, practitioners may assign a delegate in the tool to assist in the data entry process.

Accessing HCO Credentialing Online requires a User ID and secure password. Practitioner User ID’s are established after the facility Medical Staff initiates the credentialing process.

Accessing the tool is simple. First, make sure you have created a password by following the link sent to your email address. Users can click the “Launch Portal” to the right, and then launch HCO directly from their portal screen. Input your name and password and click the Login button. If you do not have a password, cannot remember your password, or your password is expired, please reach out to the Customer Support team at (877) 886-6838 or review the Password Change document.

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The Credentialing Website is being updated.

For technical issues please reach out to Customer Support at: (877) 886-6838

For questions on your request for privileges please reach out to the Credentialing Processing Centers as noted below:
Florida: (888) 319-8406
Nashville: (866) 376-1045
Texas: (866) 579-0803