When expert care is delivered with compassion, kindness and generosity, it can make all the difference.

In the words of our cofounder Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., “bricks and mortar do not make a hospital, people do.”

Hear from people whose lives have been transformed – by caring and by being cared for.

Stroke of genius

“It’s the most amazing feeling to know I made it through this and I get to be a mom for the rest of my life.”

When Mandy Banks noticed she was moving slower than normal and struggling to remember names on the day she went to HCA-affiliate Rose Medical Center for her 38-week pregnancy check-up, Dr. Kara Alexamdrovic’s quick actions and the teamwork of between three HCA affiliates saved her life and the life of her son.

Running life’s races

“When I crossed the finish line for the triathlon with so much stacked against me, it felt incredible to know that I can do it.”

When DJ Rish lost his leg in a car accident that left him badly burned, he doubted that he’d ever run a race again. But following months of care at the Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga., working with Dr. Richard Cardie and his team, DJ completed his first triathlon.

Empowering adventure

“If I have taught the rescuers something that will prevent them from coming to harm, I’ve accomplished what I need to accomplish.”

Alaska has long enticed explorers. Thankfully for them, Dr. Jennifer Dow is there as medical director at Alaska Regional Hospital to make sure the adventures end safely. And because she has trained corps of rescuers, the impact of her work is exponential.