HCA Healthcare career opportunities for new nurses

When you join HCA Healthcare as a recent graduate, you are opening the doors to a wealth of opportunity for career growth and advancement within your community and across the country. Our nurses are leading the field of nursing, and HCA Healthcare provides the training and education you need to advance your career and perform at your best.

“I chose the HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency because I wanted to work close to home. I’ve lived all over the country and I’m most excited to do my job right here.”

Enterprise-wide HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency

Our enterprise-wide HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency is designed to hone the clinical skills and professional development of new nurses through an evidence-based 12-month training program. Starting with a structured onboarding program, graduate nurses are equipped with the clinical skills needed to perform at their best through classroom education, hands-on simulation training and preceptorship. Upon completion of the onboarding program, graduate nurses continue to the professional development portion of the HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency where they further refine their skills through mentorship opportunities and monthly seminars.

The HCA Healthcare Nurse Residency program partners with the Specialty Training Apprenticeship for Registered Nurses (StaRN) to provide a comprehensive blended program that bridges the gap and supports new graduate nurses transitioning into the role of a professional nurse.

“Preparation is key, and this program helped prepare me to be a confidence and competent nurse and for that I'm grateful!”

Excellence in med-surg and critical care programs enable nurses to enhance their skills in specialized areas

Med-surg nurses are the largest body of nurses at HCA Healthcare, and we recognize the unique educational and professional development needs of this special group of nurses. Through our enterprise-wide med-surg initiative they have access to the tools needed to enhance their skills in this specialized area. Eligible nurses are encouraged and supported in gaining a variety of national certifications throughout their career at HCA Healthcare.

“Have no fear, StaRN is here! The StaRN program has given me the confidence and the ability to trust my instincts when I got on the floor.”

We are expanding our commitment to empowering nurses to enhance their skills in a specialized area through our critical care program. Similar to our med-surg program, it fosters nursing excellence, patient advocacy and a healthy work environment in adult Critical Care Departments.

“I’m most excited about actually getting to do what I learned in school. I can’t believe I get to go right into a cardiac stepdown unit in my first job.”