HCA’s comprehensive ethics and compliance program includes:

Code of Conduct

Standards of compliance and ethical conduct are articulated in the HCA Code of Conduct.

Policies and procedures

Ethics and compliance policies are developed to address areas of legal or regulatory compliance risk.

Ethics line

We maintain an ethics line (1-800-455-1996) to receive reports from anyone with a concern about a violation of our Code of Conduct or policies and procedures.

Training and communications

We create awareness of our Code of Conduct and policies throughout the company though high-quality ethics training, compliance training and other communication efforts.

Monitoring and auditing

The ethics and compliance department, internal audit department and responsible executives conduct monitoring and auditing in areas of compliance risk to ensure that established policies and procedures are being followed and are effective.

Program structure

Organizational structures—including necessary committees, responsible executives and facility ethics and compliance officers are in place to support all our ethics and compliance efforts.

Other services

The HCA ethics and compliance department also undertakes other efforts, such as clinical ethics and pastoral care services.