We are committed to streamlining the nursing environment and equipping our nurses with the latest technology to provide high-quality care to their patients. We are constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve patient care and enhance the nursing experience.

We are introducing technology that enables nurses to spend more time where they want and need to be: at the patient’s bedside

We want our nurses to spend their time fulfilling their calling, and we are committed to providing the technology to support that. We are continuously introducing new technology and innovations like evidence-based clinical documentation and mobile applications that support the nursing practice and increase the time our nurses spend providing direct patient care.

Our nurses have a voice in how we use technology to advance the practice of nursing and simplify the nursing environment

At HCA Healthcare, nurses play an important role in developing and implementing the technologies they use every day. Vitals Monitoring, an all-in-one device that registers patients’ vital signs and automatically transmits the data to a patient’s electronic health record, was designed and created by HCA Healthcare nurses to address the amount of time nurses spent transcribing data. It is technologies like this, and more, that are transforming the nursing practice at HCA Healthcare by enabling our nurses to deliver safer, higher-quality care while spending more time doing what they love – caring for patients.

HCA Healthcare's technologies and innovations in action

iMobile enables nurses to improve patient care and coordination by sharing critical patient information through a mobile platform.

“A 45-minute process to coordinate care in rehab was reduced to five minutes with iMobile.”

“I can communicate to my whole team with one broadcast message. It’s great for reminders and announcements.”

“I can text or call a provider or nurse in a matter of seconds.”

Evidence-based clinical documentation (EBCD) gives nurses time back at the bedside by recording vital information needed to provide high-quality patient care.

“I love talking to my patients and hearing their story. Because of evidence-based clinical documentation, I have more time to interact with them.”

“Evidence-based clinical documentation is extremely fast and efficient. I am very happy this is being given to us."

“Even the novice nurses say that EBCD helps them have more time at the bedside and less time in front of a computer. This has truly transformed the way we deliver care and is the most direct way I have seen HCA Healthcare support our mission.”