HCA is an active participant in the process of good government wherever we provide care

HCA, the nation’s leading provider of healthcare services, contributes to the development and application of public policy through a program of informed working relationships with federal, state, and local governments. As a part of its corporate responsibility, HCA promotes interests in a manner compatible with those of the nations, states and communities in which we operate. HCA’s government relations program is fortunate to have the long-time support of HCA management.

“It is a policy of HCA to be an active participant in the process of good government wherever we do business. To accomplish this we strive to build an informed and effective working relationship with government at all levels. HCA executive management supports and is involved in our government relations program and urges all employees to carry out this policy in a constructive and positive manner.”

Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Jr.

HCA Co-Founder

Weekly political update

Each week the government relations department (GR) gathers state political information, as well as timely federal matters, and distributes a brief update of legislative activity that occurs in the 20 states where we have hospitals.

Voter registration

HCA encourages all employees to participate in the electoral process. Voting is a privilege and HCA strives to make registration, as well as corrections to your voter registration card as easy as possible.