HCA Healthcare statement on CARES Act

From day one of this pandemic, which has simultaneously reduced revenues and increased expenses for hospitals across the country, our goals have been to protect our people—their health and jobs—and our organization so we’re able to continue to care for our communities. To date, we have been able to do both.

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From day one, HCA Healthcare has addressed the pandemic with two clear objectives. The first, to protect our people—keep them safe and keep them employed—so they can care for our patients. The second, to protect the company so we can continue to serve our communities for years to come. At a time when hundreds of hospitals across the country are laying off and furloughing caregivers because there is no work for them due to significant declines in patient volume, HCA Healthcare has not laid off or furloughed a single caregiver due to the pandemic and we hope to avoid doing so in the future.

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HCA Healthcare statement about not billing patients for hospital care related to COVID-19

HCA Healthcare hospitals do not bill patients, whether they have insurance or not, for COVID testing or hospital care related to the treatment of COVID-19.

While patients may receive documents, such as an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from their insurance plan, with amounts listed, it’s important to remember that these are not patient bills, and we are not asking patients to pay for hospital services involved in the treatment of COVID-19. We also are in the process of refunding a small number of patients who received bills and made payments for COVID-related hospital care before we implemented this policy in April.

Press Release: HCA Healthcare joins COVID-19 convalescent plasma study

HCA Healthcare (NYSE: HCA), one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, today announced 172 of its affiliated hospitals are participating in a national study to test whether plasma from convalescent, or recovered, COVID-19 patients may help in the treatment of individuals currently sick from the virus. As part of the effort, these hospitals are seeking qualified plasma donors in 20 states.

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Press Release: HCA Healthcare to provide up to 1,000 ventilators as part of public-private collaboration to battle COVID-19

HCA Healthcare (NYSE: HCA), one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, today announced it will provide as many as 1,000 ventilators as part of the American Hospital Association’s collaboration with the federal government and health systems to distribute this critical piece of equipment to hospitals experiencing a surge of patients with COVID-19.

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