HCA Healthcare’s Dr. Perlin and NATE C-ARDS technology featured in the Wall Street Journal

At HCA Healthcare affiliated hospitals, survival rates of Covid-19 patients has improved by 28% from April to September. NATE C-ARDS, a technology system created by HCA Healthcare, has helped Covid-19 patients spend four fewer days on ventilators. NATE C-ARDS provides hospital clinical teams improved access to clinical information and proven protocols for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome due to Covid-19. According to Dr. Jonathan Perlin, HCA Healthcare’s chief medical officer and head of its Clinical Operations Group: "For patients with similar lung injury at the time of ventilation, the introduction of NATE C-ARDS resulted in greater adherence to best practice protocols, in turn resulting in decreased mortality and shorter length of stay on ventilators."

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HCA Healthcare statement on supply of PPE

In January, our supply chain team began working around the clock to secure protective gear for our employees and for our physicians. Since that time, we have spared no expense in our efforts to acquire the PPE necessary to protect our employees, so they can continue to provide care to our patients. To date, we have distributed more than 35 million pieces of personal protective equipment and our hospitals continue to meet or exceed CDC standards recommended for crisis care.

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HCA Healthcare statement on CARES Act

HCA Healthcare Previews 2020 Third Quarter Results; Will Return Approximately $6 Billion in CARES Act Funding. "We believe returning these taxpayer dollars is appropriate and the socially responsible thing to do," CEO Sam Hazen.

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Full response to The New York Times

From day one, HCA Healthcare has addressed the pandemic with two clear objectives. The first, to protect our people—keep them safe and keep them employed—so they can care for our patients. The second, to protect the company so we can continue to serve our communities for years to come. At a time when hundreds of hospitals across the country are laying off and furloughing caregivers because there is no work for them due to significant declines in patient volume, HCA Healthcare has not laid off or furloughed a single caregiver due to the pandemic and we hope to avoid doing so in the future.

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