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March 25, 2019

SOURCE: Myrtle Beach Online

AUTHOR: Anna Young

Myrtle Beach could see the creation of a new homeless task force advisory board if a resolution is passed by Myrtle Beach City Council on Tuesday.

If approved, the advisory board will conduct a comprehensive review of techniques and programs used in other communities to effectively address and improve upon any homeless conditions. The board will have until the end of March next year to provide council with its recommendations on how to improve the growing homeless population within the city.

While New Directions and Eastern Carolina Homeless Organization have seen success over the years helping those in need, the ordinance states, the city believes a community-wide strategy will have a substantial impact on assisting homeless residents.

The 11-person board will comprise of members chosen by city officials, New Directions, ECHO and Grand Strand Medical Center.

Of the 11 members, eight people, who represent the community at large and have demonstrated an interest in the homeless community, and one religious leader will be appointed by city leaders, the resolution states. The others will be chosen by Grand Strand Medical Center, New Directions’ board of directors and ECHO’s board of directors.

City officials previously discussed launching a homeless task force last month during a workshop session. Council members agreed they want to improve the city’s homeless situation, but Councilman Mike Lowder feared improving the situation could result in more homeless individuals flocking to Myrtle Beach.

City officials will vote on the resolution during their City Council meeting Tuesday at 9:00am.

J.T. and Doris Ward walk up Mr. Joe White Avenue to the Community Kitchen for lunch on Friday. J.T. said he has been homeless on and off for three years. March, 2 2018.

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