HCA Healthcare
August 11, 2020

In January, our supply chain team began working around the clock to secure protective gear for our employees and for our physicians. Since that time, we have spared no expense in our efforts to acquire the PPE necessary to protect our employees, so they can continue to provide care to our patients. To date, we have distributed more than 35 million pieces of personal protective equipment and our hospitals continue to meet or exceed CDC standards recommended for crisis care.

The reality that all hospitals nationwide are facing is that this pandemic has strained the worldwide supply of PPE including masks, face shields, and gowns. Labor Unions are well aware that global demand for PPE continues to exceed the supply available, yet they continue to spread misinformation and ignore the extensive work, planning and training our hospitals have done to ensure the delivery of high quality care during this global crisis.

Our goal since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has been to protect our frontline clinicians and caregivers so they are able to continue to care for our patients and our communities. As this crisis evolves, our hospitals will continue to evolve to meet the challenges.

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