“Sometimes the best way to let someone know you care is to show them.”

Compassion begins when we see ourselves in others; when we remember that behind every patient, there is a story, a family, and a reflection of our own loved ones.

This video represents the many elderly men and women that come to our hospitals looking for compassion, sympathy, and guidance. Many have lost a spouse or don’t have family members to care for them. As children, we tend to believe our parents are invincible. We can’t imagine they will ever need our help and emotional support in the same way we have needed theirs.

This story symbolizes HCA’s commitment to ensuring every patient receives the treatment and respect they deserve – something that would not be possible without the acts of kindness and compassion our colleagues practice every day. We all can make a huge impact on other people’s lives if we remember that we are connected by similar life experiences.
That’s what compassion is all about.