Forever Connection

“To make a difference in the life of a child is everything.”

Stepping outside of our normal responsibilities is how we help set HCA apart. The personal and everlasting connections we develop with our patients not only impact their overall experience, but also create relationships that live beyond our hospitals’ walls.

As OU Medical System’s Laboratory Services Manager, Crystal Glass has a duty to make sure every patient receives the correct diagnosis, without exception. Sadly, she encounters many children who must receive a diagnosis of cancer. But when Crystal’s view through her microscope reveals cancer cells, she doesn’t just stare back – she transcends her role and provides these young patients, as well as their parents, emotional support they so greatly need as they cope with their difficult treatment journeys.

With this purpose in mind, Crystal began the “Turtle Club,” a group that ensures the hospital’s young surgery patients know they have someone praying for them. Using the analogy of a turtle carrying the weight of its shell, Crystal helps her patients and their families carry their burdens. Through her work, she creates “forever connections” with those who are fortunate enough to be in her bright path. Crystal demonstrates a level of commitment that surpasses the daily hospital operations and reminds us of the power of compassion.