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Beverly's Story

A wakeboarding accident puts Beverly’s life at risk and allows trauma surgeons to show commitment to care.

“Having someone come back and thank you for taking good care of them is a real reminder of what motivated me to go into medicine in the first place – to make people’s lives better,”

Paul Toogood, MD

As an active and adventurous mom, Bev didn’t expect a trip to the lake with her daughters to result in a life-threatening injury. But a wakeboarding accident changed everything.

Watch Bev’s story and see how two surgeons from The Regional Medical Center of San Jose, a Level II Trauma Center in the San Francisco Bay area, prove they’re committed to care.

“I’m doing what I love, I’m helping people…and that’s why I’m committed to care,”

Jafar Tay, MD

HCA Heroes

Drs. Toogood and Tay

Orthopedic and Vascular Surgeons

Regional Medical Center of San Jose
San Jose, CA