HCA Healthcare’s SRNA stipend program

Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists have the unique opportunity to receive monthly financial assistance while completing training through HCA Healthcare’s SRNA stipend program.

What are the benefits of joining HCA Healthcare’s stipend program?

For those selected as a stipend recipient, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Monthly financial assistance while you are completing training
  • Funds are forgiven, as long as you receive full-time staff privileges with an HCA Healthcare Physician Services Group employed practice for three (3) years
  • No extra duty/call related requirement while in training

Am I eligible for HCA Healthcare’s stipend program?

Requirements for consideration when applying:

  • Must be a full-time Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist in a COA-accredited nurse anesthetist program
  • Student must remain in good standing with the program to maintain stipend eligibility
  • Must receive written recommendation from current program and all previous medical programs attended
  • Must pass a thorough background check.
  • Must disclose all future plans, including possible fellowship training plans, in the initial application process. Once contracts have been fully executed, we cannot amend the contract to add additional payments
  • Must have completed a minimum of twelve (12) months of training to be considered for the program
  • Must have a minimum of six (6) months of training remaining (as of the last day of the candidate’s review period) to be considered for the program

SRNA stipend program policies and procedures

Does your training, compassion for patients, and work ethic set you apart from the crowd? If so, consider applying for the HCA Healthcare SRNA Stipend Program.


  • To provide financial assistance to SRNAs that will assist in the completion of their training program. In exchange, the student will agree to be employed full-time at an HCA Healthcare Physician Services Group employed group for three (3) years upon completion of the training program. Stipends are offered at a time when students are not ready to make a commitment and/or sign a contract with a practice.


  • Participants are required to report all amounts paid on Form 1099 as prescribed by the Internal Revenue Service. Furthermore, participants acknowledge that the IRS may require payment on such amounts in the form of taxes.
  • At any time, HCA Healthcare can request a letter from your institution attesting to your good standing with the program.
  • Participants are required to notify HCA Healthcare of any change in academic standing, address, or other key information within 15 days of such occurrence.
  • Must complete board exam, apply and have privileges granted within 150 days of completing training.
  • Participant agrees to engage in full-time practice as a CRNA at an HCA Healthcare Physician Services Group employed practice and shall maintain that position during the commitment period.
  • Participants will owe back any monies not yet forgiven immediately and in full if there is a material breach of the agreement or they have not completed board exam and applied for medical staff privileges 150 days after student completes his or her training.

Application procedures:

  • Student completes application process as outlined.
  • Student’s completed application is sent to screening committee for review and approval and must include all requested documents and materials in order to be processed.
  • Student will be notified via email of committee’s decision regarding stipend.
  • If a student’s application is approved by the screening committee, stipend contract is drafted and routed for signatures from appropriate HCA Healthcare staff.
  • Stipend contract is sent overnight via FedEx to home address of candidate as listed on the stipend application.
  • Student signs and returns the stipend contract.
  • Stipend recipient will be notified once the signed contract and all other forms have been received.
  • Stipend recipient’s paperwork will be sent to HCA Healthcare’s Accounts Payable department to be input into the payment system.
    • Please note: AP process could take up to three weeks to complete. Stipend recipient will receive his/her first stipend payment after this process is completed.
  • The monthly payment date is outlined in the original stipend contract.
  • All stipend recipients are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit. Enrollment forms are included with stipend contract.

SRNA stipend program FAQs

Please review the following most frequently asked questions. Feel free to reach out to our Training Program Outreach team if you have any follow-up questions about our SRNA Stipend Program.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a stipend as “a fixed sum of money paid periodically for services or to defray expenses.” Since 2005, HCA Healthcare has provided stipends or financial assistance to residents and fellows in selected medical specialties, and has expanded that program to include SRNAs in 2021. Stipends are forgiven provided the recipient serves as a full-time employed CRNA at an HCA Healthcare Physician Services Group employed practice for three (3) years.

The maximum length of time for a stipend is based on HCA Healthcare’s anticipated need for CRNAs. Candidates must have completed at least twelve (12) months of training at a COA-accredited program and have at least six (6) months of training remaining to be considered for the program. Typically, stipends are awarded for 6-24 months.

No — The stipend does not tie you to a particular hospital or location. Stipend recipients can choose to practice anywhere in the United States where there is an HCA Physician Services Group employed practice.

If you are unable to fulfill your contract, the total amount of money that you have received must be returned — immediately and in full.

No penalty or fee will be assessed by HCA Healthcare. If you do not repay the money within 60 days of completing your training, you will be charged 6% interest and be required to sign a Settlement Agreement.

This agreement will allow you to make monthly payments, but the balance must be paid within two years. You are responsible for any tax consequences resulting from the breach.

Yes — you will receive a 1099 form for any money paid to you during a calendar year. It is your responsibility to pay taxes

No — There are no extra duties or call-related requirements.

You must be a full-time employee of an HCA Healthcare Physician Services Group affiliated practice.

No — the amounts are set by the screening committee based on many factors – including the anticipated need for CRNAs when you complete training, the number of months of training you have remaining, the amount of money available for stipends when you apply, and various other factors.

It is up to the recipient and the practice to determine whether or not the non-compete unfairly restricts the recipient’s ability to practice as a CRNA.

How do I apply for HCA Healthcare’s SRNA stipend program?

View the stipend application or apply to the program:

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