An Active, Vibrant Provider of Primary Care Medicine

In a demanding landscape where running a practice can overtake a physician’s ability to focus on patient care, HCA provides a unique environment for physician success. At HCA our primary care physicians are supported, respected and compensated for the vital work of improving patient health.

Our primary care physicians are gifted professionals on the front line of healthcare, serving a critical role in the investigation and diagnosis of an extensive range of disease. We acknowledge their importance to patient wellness and empower them to fulfill their calling without the burden of running a business.

Offering Stability and Security to Our Primary Care Physicians

HCA, founded in 1968, is a pillar of quality healthcare in America, providing more than 27 million patient experiences each year. With over 170 hospitals in 20 states, we have built a reputation as an ethical company that puts patients first and recruits best-in-class physicians and staff.

This stability means our physicians are reassured they can make a career at HCA and treat patients for as long as they desire.

The HCA infrastructure gives our physicians all the administrative support they need to focus on keeping people healthy. In an age where healthcare regulation has created a confusing and uncertain environment, our expert practice managers take care of compliance issues so our physicians can take care of people. Billing and coding are handled by a quality staff that is experienced and skilled in working with payers. HCA physicians enjoy a robust administrative infrastructure that includes a self-insured malpractice plan, managed care negotiations, back office support and a host of other business functions. For these and many other reasons, our primary care physician retention rate remains close to 90% from year to year.

Rewarding our Physicians for Quality Work with Fair Compensation

At HCA, our physicians have the benefit of working alongside other high caliber doctors, where trusted relationships create a culture of partnership and reliability. Knowing that your partners are there to provide a level of care equal to your own provides a high quality of life, both on and off the job.

We hire primary care physicians for our hospitals, urgent care centers and affiliated private practices, providing growth potential, the ability to flourish and leadership opportunities. With the support of the strongest hospital system in the country, our primary care practices are some of the most successful in their markets.

Interested in joining our growing team? We are seeking qualified, board certified (or if newly trained, board eligible) primary care physicians.

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