Largest Orthopaedics Program and Orthopaedic Surgery Database

HCA manages the largest orthopaedics program in the world. A third of our program is dedicated to joint replacements, and our orthopaedic surgeons perform approximately 60,000 of these procedures annually across 20 states.

Our extensive practice has allowed us to build the world’s largest orthopaedic surgery database, which we make available to all our orthopaedic surgeons for quality improvement and research.

Retain Clinical Control, Receive Administrative Support

Physicians at HCA are true partners with administrative leadership, and the company depends on the expertise and experience of our orthopaedic surgeons to grow the company in ways that are best for patients. HCA’s dyad leadership structure pairs an administrative leader with a clinical leader to achieve shared goals. Our doctors actively and equally participate in the corporate/clinical decisions that affect their practice and their patients, and clinical control remains firmly in the hands of our physicians.

The size and scope of HCA helps to shield physicians from the ordeal of payer management and the seemingly endless changes that come with it. Success in a bundled payment environment requires a team mentality – if either the physician or company suffers, both suffer. We are adept at creating win-win arrangements with our physicians.

The Right Tools and Technology for Practice Growth and Patient Outcomes

HCA offers unparalleled resources dedicated to everything orthopaedic practices need, such as back office support, contract management and practice growth. We invest more in technology and infrastructure than any other healthcare system to maintain our best-in-class reputation that attracts and retains the most talented physicians to deliver exceptional patient care. We provide the top systems, equipment and information.

Interested in joining our growing team? We are seeking qualified, board certified (or if newly trained, board eligible) orthopaedic surgeons.

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