Meeting the Increased Demand for Behavioral Health Treatment

HCA Behavioral Health Services is one of the nation’s largest acute care psychiatric providers. Behavioral health patients have emerged as one of our nation’s fastest growing health populations, and board certified psychiatrists are in high demand to meet the healthcare needs of these patients. With one in every four people afflicted by diagnosable mental health or substance abuse disorders each year, mental illness doesn’t just affect the patient – it affects us all.

Offering Complex and Rewarding Work

Inpatient psychiatrists engage with some of the most interesting medical work there is. The patients are complex, and doctors have medicine and the full resources of a hospital at their disposal to treat the broad range of illnesses they diagnose. In an acute setting, new patients are admitted regularly, offering a variety of work that is both intricate and important.

Psychiatrists are trained in both mind and body pathology, so unlike other specialties, their jobs entail understanding the well-being of the whole person.

Accepting the Urgent Needs of Behavioral Health Patients

HCA operates behavioral services at 50+ locations, with a total bed count of over 2,500. We serve all age populations: 57% adult, 21% geriatric, 13% child and adolescent, with 9% dedicated to specialty services such as substance abuse and eating disorders.

HCA treats a broad range of acute care psychiatric patients, including indigent patients who suffer from multiple mental and physical illnesses. We operate with a high degree of integrity, which includes accepting all people in need of acute psychiatric care, not just the ones who can pay for it.

Supporting Our Physicians

HCA physicians are members of a large and efficient organization that provides a great deal of support and safeguarding. In an era of complicated healthcare regulations and a vigorous malpractice liability environment, HCA has your welfare at heart. Operating with integrity, charity and honesty, HCA offers stability and resources to our physicians so they can provide quality services to some of their most vulnerable patients of all socio-economic levels.

HCA shields its physicians from the financial pressures of the business so that they can focus on patient care. We understand the challenges of the behavioral health field, and we value our physicians who choose this challenging and important work.

Interested in joining our growing team? We are seeking qualified, board certified (or if newly trained, board eligible) general psychiatrists and psychiatric subspecialists.

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