Partner With Us

The HCA Healthcare Surgery Center Division, a wholly owned subsidiary of HCA Healthcare, operates a national portfolio of surgery centers as joint ventures with physicians. Our surgery centers enjoy the dual benefits of a day-to-day, managing partner devoted solely to the provision of surgical services and a broader relationship with the leading healthcare system in the United States. This potent combination drives growth opportunities and operating efficiencies that are typically not achievable in independent centers. Our surgery centers are built on a foundation of quality patient care. We have the infrastructure and resources dedicated solely to the success of our surgery centers and stand behind our mission: above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

Partner in our surgery centers

Opportunities are available for physicians to partner with HCA Healthcare in an existing surgery center or in the development of a new facility. For additional information, email or call (972) 789-2888.

Partner with HCA Healthcare in our existing surgery centers

  • Efficient, safe and convenient environment for patients and physicians
  • Governance model that gives physicians a strong voice in major decision making
  • Physicians collectively own up to 49% of each surgery center
  • Returns on investment based purely upon the success of the surgery center and percent ownership
  • First steps will include meeting with our local surgery center administrator and getting privileges at the center

Partner with HCA Healthcare in your existing surgery centers

  • HCA Healthcare purchases 51% interest, creating liquidity event for current physician owners
  • HCA Healthcare-driven synergies create opportunities for enhanced distributions, despite dilution
  • HCA Healthcare purchases interests of current management company, if any, and assumes day-to-day management responsibilities
  • First steps include the execution of a non-disclosure agreement and an exchange of historical financial and operating data

Partner with HCA Healthcare in a new surgery center

  • New surgery centers can be single or multi-specialty and be partnered with members of a single group of multiple practices
  • HCA Healthcare provides turnkey development services, guiding the process through scoping and sizing, financing, designing and construction, licensing, certification, staffing and contracting
  • First steps include gaining a detailed understanding of the physicians, specialties and case volumes that the facility will serve