When expert care is delivered with compassion, kindness and generosity, it can make all the difference.

In the words of our cofounder Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., “bricks and mortar do not make a hospital, people do.”

Hear from people whose lives have been transformed – by caring and by being cared for.

Comforting a child

“As a parent, that is exactly what I would want someone to do for my child.”

As an emergency room/trauma nurse, Alison Marsh is often called upon to comfort patients and families after traumatic circumstances. When faced with needing to comfort a scared little girl, Alison knew just what to do.

At first sight

"To not be able to see my baby for 48 hours, and then finally to be able to see him …"

When complications meant that Heidi King and her new baby had to be treated in different, specialized facilities, the teams at TriStar Summit and TriStar Centennial medical centers came up with an innovative way to help Heidi and her child connect. The project won an HCA Innovators Award for Service Excellence.

Driven by compassion

“Nurses are driven by a different mechanism: the ability to mix science and compassion for people.”

As a nurse in the intensive care unit at West Florida Hospital, Joanne Pryor is there for people when they need it the most – in terms of medicine and in terms of care. Through her signature spa treatments, Joanne goes above and beyond to make people feel better.

Restoring dignity

“We’re not here every day just to go to work and go home. We need each other.”

When nurse Christy Allen offered to examine a homeless man’s feet, she took the first step in helping him change his life.