HCA Healthcare career opportunities for nursing leaders

We offer a breadth of opportunities for nurses looking to hone their leadership skills as nursing leaders. We’re invested in growing aspiring nursing leaders from charge nurses all the way to hospital CNO.

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Director Development Program

Our Director Development Program is a seven- to 10-month program designed to prepare nurses in emergency and surgical services to assume director positions. Nurses participating in this program attend quarterly alumni events to support ongoing development.

HCA’s Executive Development Program

HCA’s 12-month Executive Development Program is committed to expanding the pipeline of successful nursing leaders by providing candidates with the tools and resources they need to successfully transition into the CNO role. The program combines executive exposure, best-in-class curriculum, in-role development and peer networking to fully prepare nurse leaders for the CNO role.

“This was a great week of learning about ourselves as leaders and much more about our senior executives. Really makes you proud to work for HCA Healthcare.”

“What an amazing opportunity to hear the nursing perspective. I gained new insight and will apply some of the strategies in upcoming initiatives.”

CNO Onboarding Workshop

Our CNOs are an integral part of HCA Healthcare facilities’ leadership teams and we want them to have the knowledge and resources needed to effectively lead our nurses. Leaders who complete our CNO Onboarding Workshop gain a deep understanding of what it means to be a nursing leader at HCA Healthcare.