HCA career opportunities for experienced nurses

At HCA, nursing is so much more than a job. We empower and celebrate the nursing voice, and our nurses set standards of care that impact the entire field of nursing. We’re investing in our nurses so that they have the skills, knowledge and expertise they need to continue to lead the practice of nursing. Experienced nurses have the opportunity to move to other HCA hospitals, or nurture their careers where they are.

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“Working for HCA has allowed me to grow and develop as a leader, as well as gain lifelong friendships.”

“I have been an employee of HCA for 11 years on a medical oncology unit. Starting out as a new graduate nurse, HCA has provided me with the opportunities to grow in knowledge, experience and education. Now as a master’s prepared nurse still on the same unit, I can share my growth and experience at my facility with others.”

“I have been a part of the HCA family for the past nine years. We strive to build relationships with each other; from physicians to nurses and environmental services and everyone in between. These relationships allow us to care for our patient and their families to the best of our ability. I am proud to be a part of a facility that puts time and resources into not only improving patient and family experience but employee experience as well.”