What’s ahead: our strategic vision for nursing

This is an exciting time to be a nurse at HCA Healthcare. We know our nurses are the heart of patient care at HCA Healthcare, and we are increasing our commitment to the support and professional development of our nurses so that we can continue to fulfill our mission of caring for human life.

We are excited to increase our support for nurses to continually grow and gain valuable experience to drive the innovation and best practices that lead to excellent outcomes, higher quality care and increased value to patients, physicians and the enterprise. To do this, we are continuing to invest in HCA Healthcare nursing through four key pillars:

Advocacy and Leadership

A nursing career at HCA Healthcare has nearly unlimited potential. Nurses can pursue careers in all clinical specialties, as well as innovative new roles in leadership, informatics, clinical education and care coordination. We are working to establish leadership and governance structures, create a pipeline of talented nurses for future leadership roles and invest in professional development.

Increasing Performance Visibility:

Across the organization, nurses are making strides in patient care every day. By standardizing how we measure and report, we can use data to identify best practices across all domains of nursing performance, encourage continuous improvement and ensure that great accomplishments in nursing are recognized and celebrated.

Consistency in Nursing Practice and Operations

Patients trust nurses to care for and advise them in times of need. We are investing in technologies and care models to ensure nurses can spend as much time as possible meeting the needs of patients and their families. In addition, we are deploying standard practices and tools to improve patient outcomes and enable nurses to increase time providing care to patients.

Leveraging Scale to Drive Performance

Nurses are there to support patients – and we are working across the entire company to build shared services in an effort to improve the functions that support nurses.

Ultimately, the nursing strategic plan is intended to support nurses with the tools and resources they need to produce exceptional patient outcomes and contribute fully to the care team. When nurses are supported and valued, we know the organization as a whole is uplifted – all to the benefit of our patients.