Shane Ann Pond

ICU Nurse
TriStar Skyline Medical Center
TriStar Division

When news first broke about COVID-19 and the first confirmed cases here in the US, Shane Ann’s fear was of the unknown. “I didn’t know about the virus and I didn’t know if there would be a surge like other countries and New York experienced,” she says. “HCA Healthcare and our administration have gone above and beyond to be sure we are prepared. When it was still so new, our administration took control of the situation and started planning. You feel better about a bad situation when you have a good plan to get through it.”

When asked what she is doing to keep herself and her family safe, she replied, “I take special precautions to decrease the risk of bringing the virus home to my husband and our boys. I am thankful that HCA Healthcare provides us with scrubs to wear at work and I am prepared to isolate if needed. This is my time to work. This is what I am here for. I feel like this is my calling. I am happy to be here.”