August 25, 2020

Support for our Employees

  • Adequate PPE including universal masking which was put in place prior to CDC guidance
  • Quarantine Pay at 100% of base pay received by more than 13,000 employees to date
  • Pandemic Pay at 70% of base pay for employees in care settings with reduced hours. To date,more than 126,000 employees have benefited from this program
  • Hotels for caregivers who preferred not to go home after treating COVID-19 patients
  • Grants have been paid or are pending for over 1,300 employees for a total of $1.9M through the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund, a 501(c)(3)charity that helps employees affected by financial hardship
  • Record $4.5M in donations to the HCA Healthcare Hope Fund, including received and committed amounts from all colleagues, a $1M grant from the Frist Foundation, and a $1M gift from HCA Corporate Board Members donating their fees for the remainder of the year
  • Senior leadership and corporate office salary cuts in April, May and June to help fund above programs
  • Synthesized guidance and recommendations from CDC and other authorities into a single website
  • Launched Nurse Care, offering free confidential access 24/7 to counselors for all hospital-based nurses
  • Leveraged iMobile technology to provide Virtual Preceptor for new nurses and redeployed nurses

Support for our Patients

  • Treated more than 345,000 suspected and positive COVID-19 patients across hospitals, outpatient and emergency rooms, including more than 45,000 admitted for inpatient care
  • One of the first health systems in many of our markets to restrict visitor access in order to create a safe environment for our patients
  • Deployed iPads so families could visit patients virtually
  • Numerous celebrations of healing as COVID-19 patients are discharged from our facilities
  • Implemented increased flexibility for patient payments, including deferred or modified payments, as well as suspension of collection agency placements and some outbound calls
  • Created a Patient Benefit Advisor hotline to answer questions from recently unemployed patients, and to offer assistance in connecting them with and applying for insurance coverage options such as COBRA, HIX and Medicaid

Support for our Physicians

  • Adequate PPE as they treat patients in our facilities
  • Rent deferral with owned MOBs to address medical practice or business disruption and to maintain availability of medical care and related businesses and services for patients and the community (“COVID-19 purposes”) as permitted by federal waivers
  • Established HCA CARES that provides education to physicians regarding the CARES Act, including a website and hotline, for COVID-19 purposes as permitted by federal waivers
  • A safe environment to restart their procedures
  • Created intubation teams to minimize exposure and preserve PPE

Support for the Community

  • More than $1.7M in grants to local community organizations from the HCA Healthcare Foundation and an affiliated trust
  • Private-Public Partnerships to serve the greater good including a lead role in the Dynamic Ventilator Reserve established by the American Hospital Association and the federal government
  • Clinical Trials for COVID-19 research through HCA Healthcare’s Research Institute
  • Leveraging of HCA Healthcare’s data science team to partner with Google Cloud and SADA to develop a data portal to help communities respond to COVID-19

Leveraging Scale

  • Supply chain management with dynamic inventory management that allowed universal masking andoptimum ventilator usage
  • Applied learnings from first impacted facilities toall others in near real time
  • Ability to move resources from market to marketas surge moved
  • Laboratory services
    • Prioritized testing for inpatients and employees
    • Hospital-based testing
    • Partnership with multiple labs for redundant capabilities
  • Agile technology projects that enabled quick response to COVID-19
    • Robust Telehealth capabilities
    • Support of remote workforce—migrated 40,000 in one week
    • Numerous data feeds, reports and technical interfaces

Support for Clinical Students

  • Rapidly moved didactic courses and administrative functions to on-line format
  • Revamped simulation experiences to provide social distancing
  • Allowed all students to continue their academic progression