The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a warning about a recent fraud scheme where criminals call or text medical practitioners and say their license has been compromised and will be suspended unless they wire money to a foreign bank account. The caller claims to be an agent of the professional’s medical board, the Drug Enforcement Administration, or the FBI.

Don’t Get Scammed!

Use these tips from our Information Protection & Security team to protect yourself:

Determine the Accuracy. Check the phone or text numbers used against phone numbers identified on FBI, DEA, and medical board websites. But be aware that scammers have the ability to spoof phone numbers.

Know the Signs. Requests from medical board representatives or a law enforcement agency asking for money transfers, especially to foreign bank accounts, is a red flag.

Do Not Share. Be wary of giving out any personally identifiable information by phone or text.

Refuse to Pay. FBI and medical board staff¬ members or investigators will never contact licensees demanding payment in any form or personalized information without conducting an official investigation or inquiry.

Report the Scam.Contact your appropriate medical board or your local FBI Field Office so they are aware of what is happening and can warn others. HCA Healthcare colleagues should also report the scam to the Information Protection & Security mailbox.