You've earned it

HCA provides veteran team members with flexible financial and non-financial rewards through the HCA Total Rewards program. The program makes it easy to choose the benefits that best fit the needs of veterans and their families, to create a valuable employment experience.

Active duty benefits

Salary differential

Employees who take leave to report for active duty may be eligible for supplemental pay to the extent their gross regular pay (including shift differentials) exceeds their gross pay from the military up to $9,615 biweekly or $20,833 monthly. To determine the pay for employees on military leave, visit the Defense Finance and Accounting Service website.

Call to active duty

All classifications of employees (full time, part time, PRN and temporary) are covered by Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA). Former employees of affiliates with five years or less of military service or employees returning from active duty leave have a right to be re-employed or reinstated to the same or comparable position they held prior to active duty, including restoration of pay rate and benefits that would have been attained had the employee not been absent due to active duty military service.