HCA's IT Pathways Internship is a talent pipeline program to recruit outstanding talent for associate positions within our Information Technology & Services (IT&S) department. We identify need within the IT organization and work with colleges and universities to find that talent. Each summer we look for upperclassman or graduate students with top-notch academics for the 12-week internship in the Middle Tennessee area.

Goal Recruit high-potential IT talent at the university level to build a talent pipeline into the organization
Eligibility Current juniors and first-year Master's-level students
Program size 20 interns
Logistics 12-week internship in Nashville, TN starting in mid-May
Application process Online applications available in late November
Why you might be interested
  • Exposure to both IT and healthcare fields
  • Social events
  • Hands-on projects
  • Networking with senior leaders
  • Capstone presentation to IT leadership
  • Mentor element
  • Professional development sessions

World-class IT

For decades, we have been pioneers in the industry, supplying systems and solutions to thousands of healthcare businesses across the US and UK and leading the transformation of healthcare into a new era of quality and connectivity.

With over 4,500 employees, we use the breadth of our organization and depth of our technical expertise to advance and enhance today's healthcare, to enable our physicians and clinicians to provide world-class, innovative care for patients,.  It's this noble cause that makes us and keeps us Healthcare Inspired.

For a more in-depth look into IT&S's strategy, structure, accomplishments and solutions, check out healthcareinspired.com and follow what's happening with #healthcareinspired.

Meet Shakoya, an HCA IT Pathways intern

Shakoya HCA IT Pathways Intern

What is your degree? What is your alma mater? I earned a bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems from Tennessee State University.

How do you describe your current role to friends and family? As an information protection analyst, I describe my current role as a liaison between HCA decision-makers and the HCA workforce. Specifically, my role involves determining who will have access to data in our enterprise data warehouse. To do this, I perform and review various audits to ensure users have correct credentials and are requesting the necessary data required to perform their role.

What about HCA made you want to work here? I wanted to work at HCA because of the healthy workplace environment! I have the opportunity to work in a team-oriented department with colleagues who are always willing to help one another and treat one another like family. As well, my team has incredibly open-minded leaders. Finally, I wanted to work at HCA because I know the work I do each day is helping not only the company, but the patients we serve.

What was unexpected about being an intern with HCA? As an intern, I was not expecting to meet vice presidents from across the company. Being exposed to and asking questions of those executives is a very rare experience at any company and one that I'll never forget.

What was the most interesting project you worked on as an intern? An interesting project I worked on as an intern was creating a training program for other interns on electronic security forms. I built the training based on the steps I took on a daily basis to provide users with access to applications. Not only did I have the opportunity to design the training, but also teach another intern. I spent time with the intern and walked him through the education until he was able to successfully perform the steps on his own.

How has HCA shaped your professional path or helped you grow in your career? HCA has helped shaped my professional path and career growth in many ways, but most importantly HCA has increased my confidence in written and verbal communication as well as my ability to work independently. In my current role, I must communicate with senior leaders across the organization. From my internship and learning from colleagues, I now have the confidence to communicate appropriately to various audiences on a day-to-day basis. I know that communication is the key to relationship-building and will help my success in my current role and future roles I may perform.

Why should someone apply for an IT Pathways internship? Someone should apply for an IT Pathways internship if they want an opportunity to be challenged, learn more about themselves, be exposed to technology and the corporate environment, and develop skills learned from hands-on experience.

What should someone know about HCA before joining our team? Before joining the HCA team you should know that no matter what your job is, do it with passion because the work you do, in some way, will impact HCA patients. We live our mission: "Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life."