Educational opportunities for nurses

Expand your professional qualifications and career options through advanced training in a hospital setting when you take advantage of nurse residency and internship opportunities at HCA.

Nurse Residency Program

A year-long Nurse Residency Program helps new nurses transition from the classroom to the clinical setting through clinical rotations and weekly seminars on key nursing topics. Participating nurses increase their knowledge, build confidence and improve their skills.


With at least one year of hospital experience as an RN and a desire to broaden your career, you can apply for HCA internships in operating room nursing. This six- to nine-month program combines classroom experiences with rotations among hospitals. When the internship ends, you'll begin working immediately in an appropriate position at an HCA facility.

If you hold at least one year of acute-care experience, you can apply for an emergency nursing internship, an intensive opportunity for RNs who want to work in the challenging field of emergency nursing. This 16-week program includes instruction and clinical orientation on core emergency topics, trauma, emergency pediatrics, crisis intervention and disaster preparedness.

Job shadowing

Observational experiences for students interested in pursuing a career in nursing are available through our job shadowing program.