Join our network of pharmacy professionals

The demand for pharmacists is growing faster than any other position in the healthcare industry. With HCA, you have the advantage of working within a network of pharmacy professionals in a variety of settings.

Our pharmacy practice integrates knowledgeable teams of hospital pharmacists, remote order entry pharmacists, pharmacy informaticists and clinical pharmacists to deliver the best possible patient care.

Patient-centered care is our focus and our pharmacists are natural advocates of best practices that promote patient safety. From electronic medication administration records to electronic provider order management and barcode point-of-care technology for our HCA pharmacy centralized order entry, our pharmacists are actively engaged with the latest technology to oversee medication safety and the reduction in occurrences of adverse drug events.

Our COE centers use the latest technology to provide hospitals and patients 24-hour access to a licensed pharmacist, increasing patient safety while reducing the occurrence of medication errors. With flexible scheduling, job sharing and the ability to work from home, retail and hospital pharmacists can achieve a better balance between life and work.

Working for the nation's leading healthcare employer, pharmacists have access to HCA’s dedicated resources designed to maximize potential and offer unlimited opportunities in career advancement.

Careers in pharmacy at HCA hospitals

HCA Pharmacy is a network of pharmacy professionals practicing in a variety of settings – from the bedside to remote order entry centers to supply chain and corporate offices. All of our pharmacists share a common focus in pursuit of our mission: patient-centered care.

Clinical pharmacy jobs in a variety of settings

HCA Pharmacy offers unmatched opportunities to clinical pharmacists looking for a rewarding career, regardless of your area of focus and the type of pharmacy job you desire. HCA Pharmacy has the pharmacy job you're looking for – from traditional dispensing pharmacy jobs to more complex clinical pharmacy roles and pharmacy management positions, from the patient's bedside to corporate headquarters and remote order entry centers.

As part of the nation's largest private healthcare system, HCA Pharmacy offers unique advantages to clinical pharmacists looking for a career in hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy services, telepharmacy or remote order entry pharmacy, supply chain pharmacy, pharmacy informatics or pharmacy consulting.

Unique opportunities in centralized order entry

In support of HCA's commitment to high-quality patient care, HCA Pharmacy centralized order entry utilizes the latest technology to provide our patients with around-the-clock access to licensed pharmacists. By centralizing and digitizing the order entry process, our COE centers are able to provide 24-hour coverage to hospitals where it was previously unavailable and to increase patient safety by reducing the occurrence of medication errors and events.

Plus, a career at a COE center offers a number of unique advantages to the retail or hospital pharmacist looking for a better life-work balance: flexible scheduling, job sharing and even the ability to work from home. So if you've been searching for an opportunity that is both personally and professionally rewarding, one in which you need not choose between career and family, then COE is the perfect prescription for you.