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Learn How To Be Successful In Your Job Search

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At HCA, we take very seriously the process of helping newly-hired team members get acquainted with their new workplace, responsibilities and co-workers. We know that a thorough, positive introduction to your new work environment is the best way to help you get started, with the best mutual benefit in the long run.

Additional Support for Applicants

Creating a profile, submitting an application and applying for a position with an HCA facility is all about YOU. It starts with a search, a search that allows you to detail the location, job key words and job field that most interest you. You can select parameters to broaden or narrow your results. A list of jobs matching your search criteria will appear. Feel free to apply for any positions that interest you, but keep in mind that it is not necessary to apply for numerous jobs to "get your name out there".

When you locate a desirable job, click on it to review the description and ensure you are qualified for the position. You can now apply or save the job in your Job Cart for later. If you choose to apply, the next step is to create a profile, beginning with a User Name and Password. You may also use your Google or Yahoo account information to sign in. IMPORTANT: Make sure you keep your login information for return visits.

Once logged in, you will be asked to upload a résumé. The system will automatically extract relevant information and fill out parts of you online submission, which you can review and change as desired. Use the Save and Continue button to navigate forward in the system.

Next, you can upload relevant documents such as cover letters, references and transcripts. The following sections are used to collect information on your Education, Work Experience and Certifications. Please insure that you provide as much job history information on your application as you can, including employer, dates of employment, job title and your roles and responsibilities in each position. Last, you'll enter an eSignature and finally, a Summary of your application will be displayed for you to review and edit if needed.

Once you submit your application you will be sent an email prompting you to complete an assessment survey. Your application is not complete and cannot be processed until this step in is complete. Once you have completed these steps, you will be contacted soon via email or phone call.

We offer relocation assistance on a case by case basis. There are terms and conditions that apply when accepting relocation assistance. It is important to discuss relocation with the HR department at the facility where you are applying, or inquire with the Recruiter you working with.

If you have a disability and require assistance completing the online application, please contact the Human Resources Department of the facility to which you are applying.

From basic employee ID and computer login information to the details of payroll and benefits, to meeting your supervisors, teammates and co-workers, our onboarding process gives you access to the tools, information, and people you'll need to succeed.

We'll also introduce you to our mission, and our comprehensive, values-based Ethics and Compliance Program, which is a vital part of the way we conduct ourselves at HCA.