HCA Healthcare, 50 years, 1968 - 2018

Improving life. Making history.

Fifty years ago, HCA’s founders – Dr. Thomas Frist Sr., Dr. Thomas Frist Jr. and Jack C. Massey – firmly planted our culture in a commitment to provide superior healthcare with warmth and compassion for patients, colleagues and communities.

As we celebrate our 50th year as a company, our mission remains steadfast and guides our future:

Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

“In 1968, two doctors and a businessman teamed up to launch a new business in Nashville. They ended up creating an entire industry...”

– Nashville Business Journal

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“The great hospitals will always put the patient and the patient’s family first, and the really great institutions will provide care with warmth, compassion, and dignity for the individual.”

– Dr. Thomas Frist Jr.

HCA Co-Founder

50 Years of Compassionate Care

“HCA’s shared values of honesty, integrity, and respect for all people unite us and are vital to our mission to care for and improve human life.”

– Milton Johnson

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

50 Years of Strengthening the Human Spirit

HCA Co-Founder Dr. Thomas Frist Sr. once said, “Good people beget good people,” and that belief continues to prevail today. At HCA, we are committed to providing culturally competent care and fostering a culture of inclusion that embraces and nurtures our patients, colleagues, partners, physicians and communities. Through care, leadership and support of one another, we are strengthening our communities and making lasting, positive change.

“We appreciate our colleagues across the country, whose dedication to evidence-based clinical practices helps ensure the best possible outcomes for the patients we’re privileged to treat.”

– Dr. Jonathan Perlin

President, Clinical Services and Chief Medical Officer

50 Years of Clinical Breakthroughs

At HCA, we are driven to help clinicians discover and deliver predictive, precise and personalized medicine for their patients. In 2013, HCA’s comprehensive infection prevention study, (REDUCE) MRSA, showed a 44 percent decrease in bloodstream infections in ICU patients. Another example of groundbreaking clinical research, which set the standard for care, is when HCA implemented a special screening of newborns to prevent brain damage (kernicterus) caused by severe jaundice.

“Innovation at HCA takes many forms, yet the common denominator is a creative approach that challenges the status quo.”

– Sam Hazen

President and Chief Operating Officer

50 Years of Cutting-Edge Innovation

HCA is constantly inventing and developing systems to advance health and patient care. From making life-changing discoveries at Sarah Cannon – the cancer institute of HCA – to partnering with the CDC and Harvard Pilgrim Institute to championing healthy pregnancies with the March of Dimes, HCA continues to invest in innovations that strengthen hospitals, improve the practice of medicine and advance national standards of patient-centered healthcare.

“There is so much good to do in the world and so many different ways to do it.”

– Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr.

HCA Co-Founder

50 Years of Community Engagement

In 2017, our employees strengthened communities by donating $15.1 million, including HCA’s matching gifts, and contributing more than 200,000 volunteer hours. Our model of giving – led by leadership, service and financial support of our employees in their communities – reflects our view that a strategic outlay of talent, resources and time yields stronger communities.