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How We Build Better Communities

There are many ways to champion health.

“There is so much good to do in the world and so many different ways to do it.”

Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr.

HCA Co-Founder

HCA's community support, delivered through the grassroots efforts of our employees, The HCA Foundation and HCA corporate sponsorships, helps sustain childhood and youth development programs, scholarships, community-based health clinics and the operating budgets of countless not-for-profit organizations across the country. In 2016, HCA made $23.2 million in cash donations to charitable organizations.

Strengthening communities

Our model of giving – led by the leadership, service and financial support of our employees in their communities – reflects our view that a strategic outlay of talent, resources and time yields stronger communities. This model also fosters our culture of inclusion and teamwork, strengthens our cultural competence, and cultivates goodwill within the diverse communities we serve.

Together, through care, leadership and support, we can be true change agents in our communities. In 2015, our employees pledged approximately $8.3 million to community agencies and volunteered more than 36,000 hours.

"Watching the faces of the families, and seeing how their lives will now be changed..."

Drs. Peter & Kathy Sarantos

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Good Work, Good People

We are proud that HCA employees are making a difference in the world beyond their work in our facilities. Meet some of our award winners who are changing lives and communities every day.

Drs. Peter & Kathy Sarantos
Funding a village transformation project


Kimberly Bass
Mentoring teens and young moms through labor and delivery


Dr. Jennifer Dow
Training wilderness rescuers


Caring for the Environment

HCA is working to protect our environment by greening hospital practices. Our comprehensive program of environmental sustainability promotes energy and water conservation, green building construction, recycling and environmentally conscious purchasing.

HCA’s 2017 Sustainability Plan includes the collective impact all hospitals made in 2016 along with plans for the upcoming year.